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Fathers Day Special Offer ...

All Wheel Drive Promo.. 

What we are doing for Fathers Day this year is passing along  a deal that was offered to me as a premium dealer from our main supplier. We have two of our best selling AWD Dual Motor models on sale with a limited number in our storefront partner's stores. Dickey Bub farm supply has been a wonderful partner in the sale of our top knotch hunting bikes. They stock four models in all of their 4 stores in Missouri. Their stores are located in Eureka, MO and in Potosi, MO and in Rolla, MO and in their store in Union, MO. 

    Our Brutas Super1750 reg. price of $3150.00 has been marked down for this sale to $2795.00 along with a

free $150.00 store gift card to spend as you would like.

    Our Poncho DM1500 regular price $2745.00 has been also marked down, to be sale priced at $2395.00, again with the free $100.00 store gift card.


Cedar Ridge Bikes 

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House Springs, MO


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Fat Tire Hunting and Fishing E-Bikes, Electric Mountain Bikes, and Accessories

Always looking for a better way, we at Cedar Ridge Bikes, being active in hunting and fishing sports,  loving the great experiences of camping, bike-packing and the outdoor lifestyle were looking for a faster method to get to our favorite hunting and fishing spots. The Fat tire  electric hunting bikes were a natural progression for us since we also love mountain bikes, gravel bikes, fat tire bikes and bikepacking.  We began modifying our fat tire Ebikes to make them more effective for our purposes and one thing led to another since trying to find the perfect commercially available electric bike at a comfortable price point became an issue.  We found what seemed to be decent electric bikes, but typically found that they weren't built with the quality of components that would lend itself to long term trouble free ownership. Also, and a big thing in itself, was who will service the electric bike when the time comes for what is inevitable with everything electric or mechanical, a broken part or other damage occurs.       This led me to personally get more involved in the design and function of higher power electric bikes, while still being within reach of the average guy or gal.

Most of our Ebikes are aircraft aluminum, but have also located a high-quality supplier for carbon fiber Ebikes. Many of the so-called "brand name electric bikes" have features that seem great, if money were no object, while lacking in other areas. Not to say there aren't some good electric bikes out there, but we decided to offer a more cost-effective alternative, with the best Ebike power and performance and customized with the add-ons.


Catering to everyday guys and gals that have other financial obligations, is why we offer, what we view as the best featured and most cost-effective hunting and electric mountain bikes on the market from a St. Louis-based full service Ebike company.

Our Passion for the Outdoors is what makes us Different

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