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Cedar Ridge Fatz SE 750

Cedar Ridge Fatz SE 750

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    Here is one of our new products for 2024... A fabulous way to jump into the Fat E Bike world without breaking the bank. JUST AS ALL OF OUR BIKE LINE, THESE ARE FULLY ASSEMBLED AND PROPERLY ADJUSTED FOR A TROUBLE FREE BUYING EXPERIENCE. As one of our newest line of value line E Bikes, we are offering this amazing deal.

As I've come to understand as time goes by, there have been more and more new potential customers  that may be more able to afford the costs of an E Bike if the prices were a little less. Even so, typically an online purchase is not always a smooth as desired end result from way too many companies, as I have found out working on others bikes. That is why purchasing from a reputable bike shop like us is a far better option that we are able to provide a typical customer.

  • Here's the Details


        A quality aircraft aluminum frame, with high strength welds and a very capable front fork suspension.

        26"x4" fat tires with a good compromising tread pattern that will provide a good ride while enough tread pattern for good traction

        A 750 Watt geared hub drive rear motor with ample torque to help you tackle those hills you will encounter on your ride

        The battery with 13.4 ahr rating for good travel distance and a 3-4 hour run time to get you there and back.

        Logan quality mechanical disc brakes that can bring this fat feller to a hault when desired

        A lightweight, yet strong rear rack that will easily accomodate a decent amount of carry-on items for a day on the paths and trails.

        The full coverage fenders will keep you from experiencing the racing stripe of mud up your back and over your rear carried firearm heading to and from your hunting stand 

        This quality Bike comes equipped with a fine 7 speed Shimano derallier system with positive and easy to master click shift mechanism for precise gear changes


        This rugged E Bike will also accommodate the many accessories and products to turn this gem into a first rate Hunting Bike  "Tool of the Sport", ready to deliver you to those far away hunting areas away from the crowd, and pull a cart loaded with your harvest back to your camp.




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$1,429.00Sale Price
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