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New Brutas Super 1750 High-Power

New Brutas Super 1750 High-Power

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    Here is what Cedar Ridge Performance Bikes brings to the hunting crowd for 2024. We had a real winner when we introduced the Brutas 1000 back in our early years of our performance bike company. Sporting a dual motor setup that literally changed the landscape in the mobile hunting realm. Bringing an affordable, yet high quality all wheel drive model to the market, that literally put many hunters at a major advantage in their quest to harvest their respective game. 

    Well, we then updated the base model and added extra power in the rear to help in the torque department, even though the original was a quite capable hunting tool. The last few years we have encountered a few hunters who requested a switch to allow the shutoff of the front motor, so they could run a single motor in some flatter terrain to help save battery power. Not only did we take care of that, we actually put a 3-way switch for:   Front motor only, Rear motor only, or full time AWD.

    We also added a new adjustable handlebar stem for more ergonomic seating positions for a wider audience.

     BUT, the biggest deal was in the power department, with the addition of a very powerful 1000 watt rear motor and a 750 watt front motor, to make those hills basically disappear when they are encountered. 

    We still have the really great hydraulic brake systems that will bring this Big Boy to a hault in a hurry when needed and give you the feel of total control. The heavy duty rear rack and full aluminum fenders for a clean recovery of your game while pulling a cart or just traversing a wet or muddy trail. The greatest thing about all our new models is that all of the gun/bow rack scabbards will still work great on the new models just as our existing customer base has found with all of our prior models. The deer cart and arm setup is still the best in the industry, even as newcomers come and go with the tide.

    Give me a call at 314-550-6883 when you really want to experience a first class, yet still affordable rig that will take you wherever you desire and more importantly, bring you and your game successfully back to civilization without breaking a sweat, or leaving that undesirable scent trail that is such a hinderance to your success.

  • Details and Specs

    Fully welded Aluminum 6061 frame with heavy duty tubings.

    RST Heavy duty front fork suspension

    Fully adjustable handlebar stem for maximum adaptable comfort

    1000 watt rear hub-drive motor for extreme power drive

    750 watt front hub-drive motor

    3 way drive selector switch for maximum battery life and drive/power choices

    Crank drive sensor for a more natural and faster response to pedal assist 

    Logan branded hydraulic braking system

    Full coverage aluminum fenders

    Heavy duty aluminum rear cargo rack

    7 speed Shimano deraillier system

    18 A hr long life battery for maximum ride time

    9 power levels for motor control

    PAS and Thumb Throttle for riding in the style of your choice

    26x4 high flotation deep treaded tires

    Front and rear lighting, complete with operational brake lighting for safety

    This bike,  as all our others, are capable of accomodating all our Hunting Tools and add-on Accessories

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