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TT29 Performance long range

TT29 Performance long range

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       If you are looking for the Absolute Best Bike available to do some bikepacking or long-range riding, here is a Long-range, High power, Mid-drive E-Bike that is set up with all the best quality components. This bicycle comes equipped with a 29-ampere hour LG brand lithium battery cell with nearly triple the range of most big box and online sold units. Fully charged this bike will take you more than 100 miles with pedal assist and do it comfortably and in style with the fully enclosed battery compartment and the fully adjustable MOZO front fork. Bafang mid drives are known for their awesome power and bulletproof design and reliability. They allow a more consistent pedal effort, and they offer a much higher range per amp compared with the hub drive units. They are generally higher priced but will serve you well and be more user-friendly as for the power curve from the unit.  This fine bicycling equipment also, as most of the bike lines I carry, come equipped with very high-quality hydraulic brake systems.

  • Product Details

    High strength aluminum frame with outstanding weld quality

    1000 watt BBSHD Bafang latest model performance mid drive motor.